As a plant-based nutritionist and vegan fitness trainer, my top goal is to help others achieve the highest levels of optimum health and well-being that they can. Through rigorous study and application of the most scientific approach to nutrition, I changed my life.

I am ready to help you change your life, too.

The decision to become a doctor stemmed from my desire to help people be their most healthy selves. I did earn my MD, and began to follow my life plan, getting to help patients. Unfortunately, that dream was side-lined by serious migraine attacks. Some days, I even struggled to get out of bed. How could I help others with their health when I could not even get a handle on my own?

During my quest for relief, I developed an eating disorder, too. My life became a series of different diet attempts, a cycle of binging and extreme fitness. If I looked back honestly throughout my life, this had started well before I got to university. 

Something had to change… and I realised it had to be me.

I had been through medical school, earned a fitness trainer education, and launched myself into an exploration of nutrition as a way to optimise health and wellness. My quest for the best information led me to Dr. Campbell’s Plant-Based Nutrition Certificate program.

Everything began to fall into place. The important nutritional information that medical school glossed over now became the overwhelming force in my life. I understood the holistic approach to healing the body from within made sense. So many disorders, diseases, and health complaints required lifestyle changes, not an ever-increasing focus on medications and trendy treatment plans.

I began to follow the nutritional plan based on what I learned and my migraines vanished.

After experiencing the amazing changes in my life, I decided to go back to school to get a Master’s degree in Clinical and Public Health Nutrition. My mind was hungry for more information about how I could use food and fitness to make my body powerful and healthy for good.

My dreams and goals have changed over time, but my desire to help others realise optimum health has never wavered. If you suffer from poor health, lack of energy, or other wellness complaints, you have the opportunity to turn your life around just as I did.

                                         If I could do it, so can you.