Optimise your Health & Vitality on Plants

Dr Leila D.
Plant-Powered Qi Nutrition
M.D., MSc (Nutr)

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Is the modern diet leaving you with health problems, excess pounds, and a low, sluggish feeling all the time? Everything from poor food choices to the additives found in many ingredients and products prevent people from reaching the heights of health and wellness.

Plant-Powered Qi revitalises your energy and health in astounding ways.

The Chinese call the vital energy that flows through each person from their body and mind, qi. This is no mystical force, but instead the comprehensive system of wellness, health, and balance that helps you feel your best and avoid diseases and disorders. When you seek balance and ordered qi flow, your physical body works at top levels.

Why Plant-Based Nutritition?

Part of my push for a plant-based lifestyle comes from the fact that it saved me from horrible migraines and other health problems. Most of my focus stems from factual evidence discovered in study after study conducted by top universities and medical research groups throughout the years.

Plant-based eating habits can help you avoid serious health complaints and manage or even reverse potentially dangerous health complaints and lessen your reliance on prescription medication.

More people shift to plant-based lifestyles every year, but you need educated and experienced guidance to help ensure the best plan possible.

Working with one of the most knowledgeable plant-based nutritionists allows you to start off the right way and reap all the good things that this healthy plan for life gives you.

Get Results With Unique Plans and Guidance

Comprehensive training and support are necessary ingredients in the quest for optimum health and vitality. As an expert in plant-based nutrition, I provide individual nutritional consultations to help others realise the highest levels of health, manage weight, and prevent or recover from serious medical conditions.

"My posture has improved, I feel more energised and my friends say I look younger."


"I’ve noticed a huge difference not only in the way I look but in the way I feel. My overall body is more toned, I have become stronger and feel more energetic too."